Pook's is a language learning card game that combines reading, listening and speaking to help children excel in and out of the classroom. Through word recognition and simple matching, young language learners practice new vocabulary.


Learning becomes even more fun and effective when pairing the card game with the Android and iPhone mobile app! Players receive a special code in their card box giving them free direct access. Players listen to the word list in their accent and gender of choice to match their teacher at school or a country they hope to visit. After listening, users record themselves to match pronunciation and intonation.


Making language learning this easy means there is room for the entire family! Invite mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa to play. No previous language knowledge necessary.


“I love it and so does my daughter. I like the fact that we can play the card game together and she’s able to learn words as well. She is excited to learn new things. She has actually picked up on the bigger words faster that the smaller ones. She loves challenges and these cards definitely help her with that! Thanks again!!!"


— Jacquelynne Smallwood, Mother of 2, USA



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