Overwhelming Numbers of English Language Learners

March 19, 2018

Teaching English as a foreign language continues to be a growing industry in the United States. As immigration into the country continues, so does the need for appropriate and innovative methods in ESL. Read more about the current state of public school teachers in the US and their growing number of ESL students in their classrooms.

Online Gaming for the Classroom

January 28, 2018

Online games can be the one difference that gets your little ones motivated, interested, and connected into the content they are learning in school. Gaming reinforces taught subjects through visual and auditory stimulation allowing young learners to explore and expand their creativity. Learn more from University of Wisconsin game-based learning scholar Constance Steinkuehler as she discusses her research in the connection between online gaming and literacy among young male students.

Taking Class Games Beyond the Lesson

January 25, 2018

Much research has shown the importance of playing games in the classroom. It not only reinforces taught subjects and topics, but it also lowers stress levels, inspires class participation, and stimulates friendly competition. This recent article from Teach Stater highlights more information on this topic as well as provides more insight on new methods to help students and embrace new teaching methods.

A Correlation Between Card Games and Social Literacy

January 29, 2018

Pook's is a card game that not only helps with vocabulary development, but also provides an environment for players of all ages to engage and interact with one another in a new language. The ease and explorative nature of the game allows for the rules to be manipulated, changed, and even expanded upon by seasoned users. Strong understanding and conceptual understanding of the card game stimulates and encourages social literacy. Players who master this skill thrive in leadership roles and building healthy relationships. Psychology Today discusses this topic in the article below!

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