Open Education Korea came about after many years of research and teaching in English as a second language in South Korea. We observed unbalanced and unlinked teaching methods that made it difficult for learners to retain and understand subject matter in a second language. We also observed the struggle parents feel at homework time. They were not able to help their children with their assignments. This slowed the learning process as students aren’t able to reinforce their learning outside of the classroom. With these findings in mind, we set out to develop a way to change the way children learn.


Studies often show that language is best learned at the earliest stages of a child's life. Moreover, interaction with family members and peers furthers language development as well as enhances confidence in taught subjects. Our products target young learners from as early as kindergarten through elementary school in an effort to make learning fun and interactive for the whole family.


Our edugames, or educational games, help build practical learning skills such as logical reasoning, short & long term memory, reading fluency, listening comprehension, problem solving and visual processing. We have the whole family in mind to help everyone at whatever language level or learning style.


Our commitment to learning and family involvement is what sets our edugames apart from others on the market. We pair online and offline applications to allow parents and students to reinforce taught concepts and subjects all in the comfort of their own home or while on the go!


We at Open Education Korea seek to inspire, help, and engage young learners in language education, and make language learning exciting, fun, and accessible to all.